Talent Strategy

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Talent strategic guiding ideology

Fully implement the strategy of “talents to make enterprise strong”, carry out the scientific development view. To speed up the improvement of human resources enterprise capability, hold fast to three links of cultivation, attraction and perfect use of talents, speed up the pace of talent team construction, relieve the status of talent shortage, and provide talent support to the group development.

Talent strategy principle

Human-oriented principle. Realize the goal of sustainable development of people, strengthen Haixing talent concept, promote the construction of talent team and group development work coordinately.  

1.    Ability construction as forerunner principle. Accelerate the talent ability construction, achieve highly pull and lead development.

2.   Implementation of lifelong education and training principle. Promote the implementation of multi-level, diversified lifelong education and training, not only to meet the balance of supply and demand in quantity, but also to achieve coordination and optimization in the talent structure.

3.   The principles of training, certification and use of professional ability. Through vocational training to change the professional ability from weak to strong.

4.   The principle of whole advancement. Strengthen the convergence and interaction of talent training, evaluation, selection, use, flow, incentives and security; establish a high efficiency movement mechanism and a high quality working mode of Haixing style.

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